About Us

Welcome to Enthusiast Group Media, your gateway to a world of passion-driven content and expert insights. With decades of unwavering dedication, we’ve grown into a powerhouse of print and online magazines, captivating the hearts of enthusiasts across the Equine, Lifestyle, Hobby Farming, and Collectible industries.

Our journey began with a simple vision: to celebrate the fervor that binds enthusiasts together. Today, we perform as a curator of knowledge, a source of inspiration, and a platform that unites millions of like-minded souls under the umbrella of their cherished interests.

Our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart. Each of our brands is helmed by industry trailblazers, veterans who not only bring a wealth of knowledge but an unparalleled passion for the subjects they represent. Our Equine aficionados understand the rhythm of the saddle, our Lifestyle experts possess an eye for transforming spaces, our Hobby Farming mentors are dedicated stewards of the land, and our Collectables specialists know the history and allure of the unique.

Our influence extends beyond the pages of our 1 million circulated print issues. With a digital presence that reaches 7 million enthusiasts every month, we’re not just publishers – we’re cultivators of communities. Through our content, we foster connections, fuel creativity, and empower our audience to immerse themselves fully in their passions.

At Enthusiast Group Media, our dedication is unwavering, our expertise is unmatched, and our passion is infectious. Join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of hobbies and interests that make life extraordinary. Together, let’s explore, inspire, and revel in the world of enthusiasts.